Saturday, March 7, 2009

New blogger. New book.


I have resisted the world of blogging for a very long time - being fearful that blogging would eat up my already limited and precious writing time.(Translation: Give me something else to waste time on while procrastinating about my writing!)

But the time has come. I can resist no longer. So here I am.

And here is my new book: Freaky (Walker Books - Lightning Strikes Series).
The reason I have chosen today to enter the blogosphere.
However, I am already very frustrated as the book cover is YELLOW and no matter what I do, it keeps uploading as BLUE? HELP! What have I done wrong?
Sue the hapless new blogger


  1. Just finished reading Freaky. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm going to recommend it to some of the year 5 boys at the school I'm now working at. As skateboarders and connoisseurs of all things grose, they will love this.