Monday, July 6, 2009

How long can a character survive concussed at the bottom of a river?

Have been busier than normal, fitting a number of "author" events around work, as well preparing for my son's 21st birthday. Lots of fun all round, but am feeling rather weary at the back end of it all.
Attended two great events last week. On Wednesday, the Illawarra Branch of the CBCA put on an amazingly well-organised and fun luncheon. I was fortunate to sit with the kids from Berkeley Public School (pictured left). Thanks to Georgie (CBCA, Sutherland Branch) Mrs Hornig (T/L Berkeley) and the awesome Imogen, Crystal, Chelsea, Zoe, Dayna, William and Stephanie for making the day so much fun. (BTW, guys, I lost the piece of paper with your names on it, so I hope my memory hasn't let me down. Please let me know if it has!)
I also had the privilege of speaking at a South-western Sydney Teacher Librarian Network meeting. It is always such a pleasure to be around people who share my enthusiasm and passion for books - makes the job rather easy when you are speaking to the converted. Thanks, Lyn, for inviting me.
Now, hopefully, life will settle down a little and I can get back to my WIP. I woke up with a start in the wee hours this morning as I realised that I hadn't touched the manuscript in weeks and have left young Seth concussed, sinking to the bottom of the river and poor Bailey and Oscar thrashing about frantically searching for him. How could I do that to my characters?! I'm a bad, bad author.
All for now. :)

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