Sunday, August 30, 2009

Packing Away the Safari Suit

After travelling almost 2800 kms (1600 by plane, 1200 by car) to give 11 author talks , 3 writing workshops and attend 5 Book Safari events (including 2 Safari luncheons, 1 dinner and 1 brunch!), it's time to pack away the leopard skin and zebra print outfits and head back to the "day" job.
But it's been a blast.


The surprise "welcome" performance of a dramatisation of Taming Butterflies by a group of Year 6 girls at Meriden.

The nail-biting finishes to the "Who Wants to Win a Sue Whiting Book" competition.

The open-eyed, gaping-mouth response to my readings of Freaky - especially from the boys at Sydney Grammar.

The opportunity to join in with the Queensland events.

The enthusiastic response to some new material I was trying out.

The numerous kids begging me to write a book about the Antarctic adventure story I told.

Favourite quote:

Kindi boy: What is your next book going to be?
Me: A book called A Strange Little Monster.
Kindi boy (gleefully): Yay! It's about me.

And I think he may be right ...
Photos courtesy of Sally Govett at Meriden Junior School. Thanks!

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