Saturday, October 2, 2010

There is a lot of talent out there ...

There are so many talented young writers out there. It never ceases to amaze me - truly. And last week when I was doing workshops with some amazingly clever and motivated young people at Brewongle - a NSW Department of Education Environmental Learning Centre and Bush Retreat - I was amazed yet again!

Holy guacamole, the kids were were amazing! They had talent by the bucket load.

What a classroom!
 This writers' camp is held each year and it is becoming a favourite event with me. Simon French, Susanne Gervay and James Roy were there also, charged with the happy duty of inspiring these fantastic kids.

Tough gig - but, hey, someone has to do it!


  1. Sounds perfect, Sue! What fun :P

  2. It was fun - though it did take a while to get used to the outdoor classroom. Especially the crunch of gravel under feet. :)

  3. This writers' camp sounds great. It reminds me of one I went to when I was younger. There's nothing like being inspired by nature, writing and sharing stories with like-minded people, and using icepacks to nurse red ant bites.

  4. But I bet those nasty clashes with the red ants provided lots of material for future stories!

  5. What a team the four of you would have made! I would have killed for an opportunity like that when I was a kid. Bet those up and coming young writers just loved it. (BTW, very cool new-look blogsite.:))

  6. I think Simon is the driving force behind the camps, which have been happening for a number of years. It's so such a wonderful opportunity for these kids. (And glad you like the new look. Wish I could press a button and give myself a fresh new look too!)