Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stories - they'll take you places

I have been talking a lot these past weeks about story, and in particular story journey.

I love how a story, well told, will take hold of you and transport you to a new and/or different reality; how characters, well drawn, will become like new friends - people you want to hang out with for a while; and while you are hanging out with these new friends and going on a journey with them, you not only get entertained, but you also get to discover a little more about what it means to be a human being.

Here's my favourite quote for the week (another from the wall above my desk):

"Stories not only move us, they motivate us because we can see in them echoes of possibilities for ourselves."
Peter Guber, Film Director

Brilliant, isn't it?

Packing my bags today as I'm off to Brisbane for the Ipswich Literature Festival, Brisbane Writers and CYA conference. Looks like my stories are taking me on a bit off a journey too!


  1. Great quote! I'm constantly amazed when I read how immersed I can become in great stories.
    Looking forward to CYA it's going to rock :)
    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  2. Yep - should be fun. See you there.