Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scouting landscapes

I've been on a road trip through the central west and outback NSW. Marvellous country. Essentially, I was on holiday, but I was also scouting for material for my work in progress, which is set on a wild property somewhere in rural NSW.

I live in a small coastal village, so it was easy for me to write authentically about life by the sea in Get a Grip, Cooper Jones and Battle of the Rats. The sea is such a part of me, I swear I have salt in my veins.

Although I have spent quite a bit of time in the country over the years, country life and all that goes with it is less familiar. That's why it is so important for me to experience it first hand. To drink in the smells, immerse myself in the sights and sounds, and experience the joys and hardships of rural life, take note of the minuscule that will add authenticity to my work.

Here are some of the visual images I brought home with me. We live in a vast land.


  1. You've taken some stunning photos, Sue. I'm sure they'll provide lots of inspiration for your future writing.

    From beach to bush, we're so lucky to live in such a beautiful country.

  2. We are indeed lucky, Renee. It was great to be on the road experiencing all it has to offer.

  3. Stunning photographs- very atmospheric- well done with all your writing wonder woman- miss being in contact with you!