Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It's live!

Hello world.
My new website is now LIVE!

I had so much fun building it. (It is kinda addictive.)

The new site has a blog page, so I won't be posting to this blogspot any longer.

My new site is at http://suewhiting.com

Why don't you pop by and take a look?


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Awesome new website under construction

Hello everyone.
It's been awhile! Quite awhile, truth be told.
I have been busy though and have lots of exciting news to share. All in good time. (Don't want to rush things.)
Right this moment, I am in the process of building a brand-new website with the help of my daughter Lizzie.
So until it is all sparkly and wonderful, I will keep the home fires burning here, so to speak.
(Feel like I am speaking in riddles.)
All for now.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

First event for 2016

Happy 2016.

The year is already showing signs of being a very interesting one indeed.

And kicking off the fun for me is the CBCA Illawarra Sub-Branch KIDS DAY OUT  at Ribbonwood Dapto on January 20.

If you are in the area, come along and join in the fun at this FREE event with many terrific authors and illustrators and storytellers, including: Sandy Fussell, Dianne Bates, Jodie Wells-Slowgrove, Allison Tait, Oliver Pommavanh, Marie Smith, Di Ellis, Jody Cauduro and Lilli Pang. (Hope I didn't miss anyone!)

You can find the program here.

And the author poster here.

See you there!
Yours in books and story.
Sue X

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Big book day out

This event was one of my faves from last year. And this year it seems like it is going to be even bigger and better. Lots of authors and illustrators! Lots of stories! Lots of craft and activities! Lots of fun! I will be in the storytelling tent doing one of my favourite things - telling stories. I also intend to hang out in the crafty area with some platypus activities.

A wonderful celebration of children's books with a community festival feel. If you have young readers at home or if you are interested in kids books please try to come along. I guarantee a fun family day.

Friday, July 31, 2015

The new novel

I have started a new novel and I'm in that it's-so-exciting-to-be-writing-a-new-story phase.

I have progressed past the heady first flush of inspiration, and now my characters are talking, ideas are colliding and the shape of the story is revealing itself to me.

There is so much work to be done.
So much to research.
So much to write and rewrite.
So many wrong turns to take.
So many mistakes to be made.
So much wretched self doubt to deal with.
But, oh, I must be mad, because I am so EXCITED by it all.
Bring it on! I say.

I want to tell you about an interesting book I read recently. WIRED FOR STORY by Lisa Cron. It is basically a manual on how to write a novel - which usually sends alarm bells, as we know there is no magic formula to novel writing - but it is framed around research in neuroscience and cognitive theory, which makes it a little different to most, and intrigued the logical/scientific part of my brain.

More importantly, the timing was perfect for me, as it reminded me of all the things I need to sort out before starting a new book. It helped me to focus, and not to rush headlong into madly writing without first being clear on what the story is about, and what is driving my characters. I am not an outliner - but I work much better if I know what makes my characters tick and what the story is about in a nutshell. And by thinking deeply about these things, I have come to realise that the story I want to tell deals with some very complex emotions and, with a twelve-year-old protagonist, I need to tread carefully and be very clear in my own mind how she feels about the events that will unfold.

A couple of random thoughts from the book that were useful reminders for me:
  • Everything must be there on a needs-to-know basis. 
  • Plot is not story. Story is how your character is affected by the plot, and how he/she acts and reacts, grows and/or changes.
  • Be clear what your character's external goals and inner issues are.
Over and out from me!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Platypus play time

PLATYPUS hit the bookshop shelves this week. So it is Happy Dance time for me.

As with all new releases, I am now thinking of ways to present this book in the upcoming weeks of school visits and events that make up BOOK MONTH. (Book Week usually lasts for at least a month these days.)

So today I purchased online another wonderful FOLKMANIS puppet. Pretty cute, huh?

And I have wasted many hours watching numerous funny and informative platypus videos on YouTube. This one rates high on the cute stakes!

I have even found the most annoying platypus song ever! I dare you to listen to it.

So lots of valuable time wasting. And lots of platypus fun ahead, starting with the CBCA Illawarra-South Coast Sub Branch's Literary Luncheon on Wednesday. Food, kids, authors and books - a winning combination.

For the teachers who might stumble on this post, here is a link to some CLASSROOM IDEAS created by WALKER BOOKS.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Platypus sneak peek

PLATYPUS - my first ever trade nonfiction picture book - is due for release in a week or so.

Yes, I am happy dancing!

It is part of a gorgeous series, called Nature Storybooks, published by Walker Books, which combines lyrical narrative, facts and painterly art.

And I have been ever so lucky to have been paired with the the supremely talented illustrator MARK JACKSON. His work is divine!

Want a sneak peek? Feast your eyes on these.