Sunday, February 27, 2011

I did it!

Oh the power of making a promise in writing  for all to read on one's blog. Yesterday, I vowed to change my wicked ways. I vowed to put my head down, apply superglue to my backside and get stuck into my writing. And, what do you know, I did.

It wasn't easy. I resisted. I struggled. I complained. But I persevered. And I made a vital discovery.

I was working on a chapter book that I was asked to rework. The editorial feedback was spot on - it all made perfect sense, but every time I came to one particular section of the plot, I became stuck. I couldn't find a satisfying way forward. I studied my characters' motivations, their actions and reactions. I tried a dozen different approaches, but I just couldn't crack it.

It was time for some drastic action. So I gave the whole story an almighty shake up - rearranged the order of events, changed the focus of the story slightly and voila! My problems were more or less solved.

I have had a wonderful weekend of writing. The story I have been agonising about for months has been reworked and polished. Tomorrow I may think it all sucks - but regardless, I have made REAL progress.

Thank you, oh blogosphere. Probably no one even read yesterday's promise to myself - but it doesn't matter, it did the trick. The drought is broken. And I am thankful.


  1. That's why I officially set an end of April (first draft) deadline for my new junior novel, and did it on facebook for all to see. The promise will force me do it too.

    I'm glad you worked the problems out in the text and I'm sure you're not going to hate it tomorrow.


  2. It's a neat trick, isn't it? (The things we do!) Hope it is working for you too with your latest work.
    (And I didn't like it as much the next day, but that's okay as I think I have something I can shape and polish now.)

  3. It's heartening to me to know I am not the only one who gets sidetracked with writing-related work. I'll try a shake-up approach of both me and my recalcitrant novel!

  4. Good luck, Book Chook! We are certainly not alone. Let me know if your shake-up approach works. I'm pleased to report that I was working long into the night last night polishing and revising. So I guess you could say I'm on a roll.