Saturday, March 12, 2011

Picture Book Creators of the Future

Had a blast last Saturday at Blacktown Library, working with two groups of enthusiastic young people creating amazing picture book stories. This week they will be working with illustrator, Sarah Davis, making storyboards and illustrating their stories. Next week both Sarah and I will be working with them, helping them to polish their work and put the finishing touches on their books. Such fun. Such a great initiative.


  1. Sounds like it wa a fun workshop. They are certainly a lucky bunch of young writers.

  2. Sue,
    I am having a discussion with my daughter, a photographer, about the possibility of creating some epicture books using some of her images. She thinks children who can use ereaders, and my 3 year old grand daughter can, are too advanced for ordinary books. They would want them to be interactive. Have you any experience on the matter to share

  3. HI Jill. I have had very little experience with ebooks to date, though this I know will change in the near future. I think there is definitely a place for interactive picture books such as the ones your daughter is looking into. I also think there is something very special about a "paper" picture book with exquisite art and text working together to create beautiful stories and that there will always be a place for them too.
    Wishing your daughter all the best with her project!