Monday, March 21, 2011

Wonderful Picture Books in the Making

I returned to Blacktown Library on Saturday and what a wonderful surprise I got. I couldn't believe how much progress the kids had made with their books. They had been working so hard! Some had nearly finished.

The previous week they had made storyboards and started their rough illustrations with Sarah Davis and now a week later many had started on the final copy of their stories and also their final illustrations. Wow. Was I impressed.

Now they must finish their books off, hand them in for publication and then put on their best outfits and turn up for the launch party!

You can read Sarah's blog about the program here.


  1. Great program, happy faces. Lovely. I opened the photos to have a closer look at their work, and what should I spy in the right of the first group photo? The little boy is reading 'A Nest for Kora' my book! Yay!

  2. Why of course! I only bring the best of the best.

  3. Great to see these budding new up and coming authors. Must feel very rewarding introducing kids to the wonderful world of story creation.